Games I was employed to work on:


  • Battle Bears Royale/Gold (2014-2018)

    Android/iOS || Unity/C#

    Google Play Store
    Archive of Play Store (from when I was maintaining the game)
    Archive of Battle Royale mode gameplay

    • Design and implementation of new gameplay features and new gameplay mode (Battle Royale)
    • Real-time Networking (Photon)
    • Server administration (Linux, Ruby, C++, PHP)
    • Deployment of monthly updates through Google Play Store and App Store
    • Debug, maintain, and improve code base
    • Maintain old project through Unity & plugin upgrades to keep it live on Android & iOS
  • Let it Goat (2014-2015)

    Android/iOS || Unity/C#

    Google Play Store
    Archive of Play Store (from a month after launch)
    Archive of gameplay

    • Design and implement gameplay mechanics
    • UI design and implementation
    • Implement and maintain social, analytics, crash reporting and ads plugins - Twitter, Facebook, GameCenter, Everyplay, Crashlytics, NativeX, Flurry
  • Battle Bears Overclock (2015-2016)

    Android/iOS || Unity/C#

    Google Play Store
    Archive of Play Store
    Archive of gameplay & review

    • Completely replaced tightly coupled custom database with Playfab
    • Upgraded outdated networking solution to new version
    • Design and implement analytics hooks to track user engagement and purchase paths & trends
  • Places VR (2016-2017)

    Google Daydream/Gear VR || Unity/C#

    Archive of Pong-like game inside Places VR

    • Real-time Networking (Photon)
    • Design an implement process for networked, peer-to-peer collaborative creation
    • Optimize app to maintain 60fps even during loading screens
  • Hy-Vee KidsFit (2017-2018)

    Android/iOS || Unity/C#

    Google Play Store
    Archive of Play Store

    • Design code architecture
    • Design and implement mini-games
    • Implement Vuforia AR to work with Hy-Vee magazines & various promotions

Personal Projects

  • Jumpship! (2019)

    PICO-8/Browser || PICO-8/Lua - standalone
    Picoware - with other micro games
    Git repo

    • About
      • Made in 24 hours for the Picoware Jam, a game jam to crowd-source WarioWare-like micro games and stitch them together in one cart.
      • Didn’t know any Pico-8 API at the beginning of the jam
      • Hold down Z to teleport a spinning ship in the current direction
      • Get inside the warp hole to win
    • Contributions
      • All coding/design/art on my cart
  • Toybox (2017)

    Browser || Phaser/Javascript

    Git repo
    Student Projects (look for the ones labeled Sugar Cubed)

    • About
      • Toybox is a framework for easily making arcade-style games using Phaser with some premade, free assets. It also includes examples, lessons on learning to use it, and education on game design in general.
      • It was made for Mystery Code Society to help teach game development and ease the burden for our middle and high school students of learning the somewhat steep Phaser API
    • Contributions
      • Design
      • Code
      • Examples
      • Lessons
  • Flashlight Tag (2013)

    Windows/Browser || Unity/C#

    GameJolt - Standalone
    Chain Jam - with other mini games

    • About
      • Made over 24 hours for the Chain Jam - a game jam to combine smaller local multiplayer games into one overarching game
      • Find other players in a pitch black room with your flashlight. Tag them when your light can see them by pressing the button corresponding to their color, but don’t reveal yourself too much or they’ll get you first.
    • Contributions
      • All coding/design/sound/visuals/music
  • Box Mine Key Door (2013)

    Windows/Mac/Linux || GameMaker


    • About
      • Local, 2-player competitive 2D game
      • Use disappearing stun mines to find the hidden key and be the first to leave through your door. Evade others' mines so you don’t get stunned and drop the key!
      • Very first video game I ever made (Game Maker)
    • Contributions
      • All coding/design/sound/music
  • InfraTed (2013)

    Windows/Mac/Linux || Unity/C#

    Git repo

    • About
      • Stealth game about using environmental heat to control player speed
      • First real game coded in Unity
      • School project
    • Contributions
      • All coding
      • Initial design